Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello, welcome to my blog. A celebration of all pretension.
The question on your mind is, what is a pseudo bohemian loser? Well, it's complicated. The odds are, if you are both middle class and pretensious, you are one. Here is a handy list of pseudo bohemian loser indicators:

  • Thinking that saying "It's ironic" is an excuse for wearing the stars and stripes/ McDonald's merchandise/ Big Brother T-shirts
  • Listening to indie bands that are signed to majors
  • Being a member of Gen X (with the exception of Julie Delpy)
  • Writing free verse
  • Being really into the guitar
  • Indulging in major subtextual analysis of Spiderman/ Daredevil/ Batman/ Buffy/ pop culture in general
  • Being into pop culture but only because of the retro or cult value attached (ie. liking John Hughes movies but not "Friends")
  • Belonging to one of the major subcultures, and not understanding that if there are five hundred of you standing in a large group it's become a culture rather than a subculture
  • Wearing black polonecks
  • Using the term "post modern" and pretending to know what it means OR
  • Knowing that "post modern" is fundamentally an oxymoron and still using the term as a compliment

Don't get me wrong, some of these things are admirable, and these are not nearly all of the indicators. If you think of any, or are a pseudo bohemian loser yourself let me know.


Blogger Rainfall from Concrete Coloured Skies said...

Hey, this is Dana. I created this person primarily as I couldn't figure out to get here, but, anyway.

That list is surprising: quite a few apply to me and I know it, and others possibly do and I either am in denial about it, or simply haven't realised. :P

Looking forward to reading more from you.

2:51 PM  

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