Monday, July 18, 2005

Intellectual thoughts upon John Hughes movies.

(and yes, I hate the TV show Friends). I haven't seen all of this Genre, in fact I have only seen 4 of the films (Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller's day off and Pretty in Pink). Still, I feel I can voice an opinion on the deeper meaning of them all, which is this....

John Hughes movies are about trying and failing, but the attempt in itself is noble. Think of The Breakfast Club, the viewer knows perfectly well that they will all fall out of touch, or never see each other again but in the course of the film they try to create a deep and lasting friendship. They succeed in that it is a deep friendship, but fail because it won't last. In Ferris Bueller the three central characters are trying desperately to hold on to childhood and stupidity, once again they succeed for a brief period of time. Ferris' friend attempts to stand up for himself after the car is wrecked, he probably fails. And in Pretty In Pink Duckie (Jon Cryer) does approach Andie(Molly Ringwald) even though he knows that he'll be rejected. The exception to this rule is 16 Candles, in which most people's wishes seem to be fulfilled at the end. So I'll revise my opening statement: John Hughes movies are about trying and risking failure, rather than trying and failing.

So, hope you enjoyed this analysis. Yes it is pretentious but what else would it be.
Oh, and the films concerned are good, you should watch them sometime.


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