Friday, April 14, 2006

Dublin, which is exceedingly kind to pedestrians, should be iconic. And our capital. It has everything: rivers, the sea, several universities,the largest enclosed park in Europe/the world, a semi-efficient postal service, a post office which is on the tourist trail...

'tis also equipped with very nice Classicists, an indecent number of post-graduate students and a brilliant statue of Wilde with a green carnation. And the Luas! Which nearly ran us over.

The forum was brilliant, as was Trinity, and I have now decided that (based on experience) 50% of Nobel Laureates are nice. And I met one of those pre-Nobel prize for literature, so it may make you nice. Become Nobel laureates! Eason's will proclaim that you were one an hundred years after your birth!

Also failed to hide from cathedrals, (both of them) took photographs and was rather amazed by Marina Carr's loveliness and dress sense, even though she is wrong about the Greek view of death. Very wrong.

And of course, we visited the wonderful "Epicurean Food Hall", which is Epicurean in both senses. (Wow!) Horace would have approved. And saw Wilde's house(s).


Blogger Juliet Evans said...

London is nice! But it does sound lovely. Nevertheless, do not go to Trinity.

Which pre-Nobel-Laureate did you meet who was not nice? And tell me about Heaney! Does he really know no Greek? We had a poem all about how much he liked learning it!

What is this about Eason? What did Marina Carr say about the Greek view of death?

Epicurean Food Hall? *dies of jealousy* Was there 'wine, food and tarts all round'?

Think must visit Dublin.

Oh, there was just an advertisement for Galway on the television which said it had a flourishing nightlife. :D

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your journal seems to hate me :(

but you do seem ot be having fun in dublin! I hear nothing but good things about it, but then I do live with two irish.


6:37 AM  
Blogger Rainfall from Concrete Coloured Skies said...

Dublin is wonderful. I regret not seeing this statue, I must try and look for it next time I'm there. What are her views on Greek deaths?

oh, and:
Re: LJ. I#ve been trying to comment on all of your entries, but it's not letting me, saying that the entries do notexist. This upsets me. This is why here are random comments which would be better on the entries they related to.

I quite like your idea of how everyone wishes to be someone else. Does anyone but Adrian Mole aspire to be Pliny?

Revision timetables are pure evil, and pointless really, as no one ever sticks to them. Case point me: I have historty behind me on the table, and I'm here.

St. Sebastian painting, silly as it is, was one of Wilde's favourite paintings. That's probably a big reason it's an icon for them. His other favourite was by G.F. Watts, which makes me happy.

Have done both nohari and Johari. And once I've done it, I['ve realised I've already done them. Whoops.

Ah well. I shall retire to my hole now. Ta ra.

6:58 AM  

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