Sunday, June 10, 2007

< The "triumphant" re-opening of the festival, at which your narrator was an humble steward

First off, Frank Turner should be an icon. Go and google his lyrics or music to see why. He's rather brilliant, and manages queues going through the middle of his gigs very well.

Secondly, yes, I saw Billy Bragg, he was excellent- I only saw part of his set because I had a job there, and therefore had short breaks, but it was very good.

Now, the triumphant re-opening deserves to be reported, not least because of the RFH's reputation for being, um, a disaster with a very good restaurant. (Not that the events aren't wonderful, just that it's not brilliantly designed).

The great queue debacle: Frank Turner's gig was scheduled for 8pm to 8.45pm, in the foyer . A classical piano concert by Helene Grimaud in the auditorium was scheduled for 8.30pm to 9.15. The queue for that arrived about 8.15, and wove its way through the gig. During this I had to check whether we were allowed open the doors on the walky talky, with a loud gig going on around me and lots of people in a tizzy about their lack of concert piano. There were technical problems with the gig. We got mistaken clearance to open the doors, and then had to close them and drag people out. All this still during Frank Turner's gig. Therefore he, in a moment of genius, decided to unite his fans and the queue by having everyone sing along to Dancing Queen and We are the Champions. It worked. It was possibly the only time I'll be glad for the existence of ABBA. (And I was a gentleman and apologised to him afterwards)

Helene Grimaud
one of the technical problems appeared to be that the piano needed to be tuned, and was in an hurry during the great queue debacle. During the concert quite a few people came out in confusion, and then it finished 15 minutes early. This was because Mme Grimaud stood up in disgust half way through the second piece, said the piano was appalling and untuned and stormed out.

And I also had to steward a large brass band in and out of the auditorium. the joy of temping.

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Blogger Zazzi said...

Well, I say. I think Mme Grimaud is very ill-mannered. Either she should have rallied bravely and continued on, or POLITELY pointed out that the piano was untuned. Maybe someone could have tuned it, or something.
And as I've said, I'm furious about you seeing Billy Bragg for free. :(
What else... in contrast with Helene Grimaud, Frank Turner appears to be a thoroughly decent chap. *Approves*
Sounds like fun, after all.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Designed to Provoke said...

Nice to see a fellow Frank Turner fan. Will be posting a review of his 'Campfire Punkrock EP' before long. Keep the stuff coming.

7:08 PM  

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