Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why Leonard Cohen should be immortal, or at least have his life extended a fair bit.

Well, my mind is a trifle addled from the amount of Dan Simmons I've just read and various other things (if you know me, you can probably guess this) and my choice of music probably isn't helping my addled brain, but making it feel a tad better, so I'm going to leave it on regardless.

Anyway, Leonard Cohen should be made immortal/have his life extended unnaturally. Preferably we can avoid him meeting the same fate as Tithonus, but ageing a bit should happen. This is for the following reasons:
1) if you keep any idea on current affairs, we are in danger of all sorts of catastrophes happening. We need someone to chronicle this doom. Who better than Leonard Cohen, he'd probably just sit there finding it interesting material for a song. which means that despite the increasing doom, there would also be increasing good music in the world, which would comfort the survivors of the apocalypse. It's all good.

2) if you listen to the changes in Cohen's voice between say "So Long, Marianne" (in what was known as his "still trying to sing" phase), "Bird on a Wire", "I'm your man" and "Because of" it gets steadily deeper. And it was pretty deep at the beginning. Therefore it should continue to get deeper until it is able to bore holes in rocks and is a useful construction tool

3) since so many other singers acheive figurative immortality through his songs, its only fair that he should achieve literal immortality

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I'm fairly sure Leonard Cohen falls under Plato's forbidden modes of music... (yes, i know i should stop trying to combine the glorious communist-anarchist-utopian revolution with the instatement of a philosopher king, but still.) Besides, how are you intending to achieve this? You will have to enrol medics in the revolutionary corps. xA

12:30 PM  
Blogger pseudo bohemian loser said...

it's an anarchist utopian revolution, and Plato is not supposed to be taken literally. how many years of Barron have you had without learning this? I was hoping for divine intervention actually, but I'm sure Val will join the revolutionary cause.

11:37 AM  

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