Friday, December 23, 2005

I think the flood of comments on Juliet Evan's blog rather unseemly, yet post them. Incessantly. Will stop.

All romantic films involving two proper, English male characters are cursed by the ghost of the black and white film of "Pygmalion", (not supposed to be a romance, I know) in which one longs for Eliza to fall in love with Higgins, and she doesn't really. Julian Sands was not Right as Emerson in "Room...". Nor was Day-Lewis as Cecil because he seemed nice. And like me. And I do not want to resemble a spurned fiance in Forster. Really.

Oh, in response to earlier comments, Forster is not an icon because we do not admire him. Clive is a person for which one can make a case.

Never, ever call your child Cecil. People will mispronounce it, (as Sissel) and he will be tormented by the knowledge that the Cecils are scary people who turn up throughout history, and orchestrate plots. And build museums of Garden History.

I was tired. And I am not a lefty. I am a utopian anarchist, I do not believe in partisan politics. And "political correctness" is a good thing.

Now, I will resume awaiting a turkey. Have been doing so since 8am.

I cannot wish anyone a happy secular Winter Solstice festivity as it has been and gone.


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