Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I have now read all of Bret Easton Ellis' books. Hurrah! "Lunar Park" is very, very good and he should be an icon, (I think only one of his books is iconic so far) because anyone that self referential deserves to be. Honestly, writing a novel about yourself-but-not-actually being haunted by-possibly-his-younger-self-or-his-father's? In which he does lit crit on his own work?

Also, I worry about the similarity between my musical tastes and Ellis'. Smiths, Talking Heads etc. are fine, but someone else liking both C&C Music Factory and Zevon.

And there were minimal eviscerations! And he almost fainted a lot.

'tis very good and an argument for America and when someone returns my copy of "Rules of Attraction" I will lend it to people. (Book not film. The film is a textbook case in "how not to adapt a novel".)


Blogger Juliet Evans said...

Self-referentialness is good. Although not so much in cases where it leads to a downward spiral of insanity. Would like to borrow Rules of Attraction if you ever get it back.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous Webster said...

Yeah, about that book, will get it back to you soon, promise!

7:54 PM  

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