Friday, April 27, 2007

I have returned. And my god, I think I'm turning into Enid in Ghost World- distinctive hairstyle, check, weirdly period clothes, check, heavily rimmed glasses, check. Which was the case for quite a while, but now it is combined with average job... I need a Seymour.

But, having returned, I declare: we need to adopt a country. I suggest Iceland, for the following reason: it is impossible to get there on a round the world ticket. Because only IcelandAir flies there, and IcelandAir has no alliances. Because it sulks.

I'm fairly sure that RTW tickets are something to which we should rather object, being redolent of a certain, very un-pseudo-bohemian type (M, I realise you're probably going to kill me over that). They are not included in You shall know our velocity, which is a very very iconic book.

Oh, and A.S. Byatt is possibly the triple moon goddess. As is Hilary Mantel.

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