Thursday, November 30, 2006

I had something to say, but cannot remember it. Possibly because my aims in life at the moment include:
do not fall asleep whenever in contact with flat surface (ie wall, door, lockers, table or bed)
do not write Latin translations in the Greek alphabet
STOP DREAMING OF FORSTER, possibly the most unhelpful figment I could imagine, whose advice is rubbish.

Aha, have remembered. No, we cannot have Carol Anne Duffy as an icon (in response to comment from a very long time ago) since Psychopath is actually very predictable, although disturbing, and horrible when one has to do language analysis.

We can however appreciate the charms of (although we cannot make her into an icon, since she disapproved of Nosferatu) of Florence Stoker, nee Balcombe. Explanations will be provided if you want one.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well, my hair is getting steadily worse, and I do seem to be in a permanent state of crisis, but would like to observe that having a good quality recording of "Cloudbusting" for the first time since I became obsessed with the aforementioned song and played the tape too much, then the other Kate Bush tape too much, makes everything slightly better. In fact, Kate Bush makes the world slightly better, as does Philip Larkin and the continued fictitious existence of Renee Montoya.

And conversations about stocking glue, however practical the reasons, are doomed to become very weird.