Sunday, September 03, 2006

We really do need more icons, so I am suggesting Cedric, wonderful character in "Love in a Cold Climate", almost makes up for it not being as good as the first book, as one. Since he is brilliant and probably rather good at tea parties. And makes people dye hair blue. And is called One, (italics important).

Hello, M here.Have been convinced by initial-hating one (and apparently this extends to "PBL") to become a pseudo-bohemian loser. Idid object that I did not know who the Genesis Ark WERE and therefore could hardly have views on them. Also that according to initialess-one I am a philistine. But apparently I do fulfill some critera, I get a badge and am honoured to become resident philistine.

(Philistine perfectly acceptable outburst if someone tells you they did not know of existince of Welles, plus I was tired and stressed therefore what I say cannot count.)

That was the one we can not name. I did not say I did not know Welles existed, but asked what he did.

He did and existed rather a lot in thirties and forties, and not having heard of his War of the World's is nearly a treasonable offence.

Have heard of it.Just did not know about it, as Ihave not seen it.

Not film or play, RADIO ADAPTATION. Example of power of mass media.

Have just been told savagely there are two films, neither of which feature OW.

Also very good concept album (with Richard Burton, not Orson Welles)

Apologies for extreme dullness of this by the way. I have nothing else to do but wash up the tea things (yes, this is me being pretentious). And initialless one has nothing to do but proofread middle english.
But there is a fil

I think the world should know that word frequency is an evil discipline. That's all for now.