Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Compilation tape no. 1
As clarification, no, I did not compile the CD. That was another member of the subculture (and given as there's only four it should be easy to work out who it wasn't). I do not compile CDs, I have a tape deck. Ergo, here is the tape.

"For What is Chatteris" Half Man, Half Biscuit
> "Cemetary Gates" The Smiths
> "Why Can't I Be You" The Cure
> "Stay Out of Trouble" Kings of Convenience
> "I'd Rather Dance With You"
> "It's hard to walk tall when you're small" Morrissey
> "Armageddon Days are here (again)" The The
> "Hallelujah" Jeff Buckley
> "Peach Trees" Rufus Wainwright
> "Poisoning Pidgeons" Rufus Wainwright
> "The Beat(en) Generation" The The
> "Matinee" Franz Ferdinand
> "Breathless" Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
> "Angie" Bert Jansch
> "New York Minute" Don Henley
> "Jackie" Jaques Brel
> "Oedipus Rex" Tom Lehrer
> "Soho Square" Kirsty Maccoll
> "Had To Be Her" Loudon Wainwright III
> "Moving To LA" Art Brut
> "The French Inhaler" Warren Zevon
> "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" The Smiths

Now, Zazzi, I am a very busy and considerate person. Do not comment in capital letters.

Monday, November 21, 2005

(Of the first Pseudo Bohemian Loser compilation CD. Soon to come, that of the first Pseudo Bohemian Loser compilation tape)
As you know, we have many anthems. An excess of them. At least twenty tracks.

1. "I'd Rather Dance With You"
>2. "Frankly Mr Shankly"
>3. "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes
>4. "Song for the Dumped" by Ben Folds Five
>5. "Beautiful World" by Colin Hay
>6. "For What is Chatteris"
>7. "Love Ballad" by Bill Bailey
>8. "You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)" by The White Stripes
>9. "Poisoning Pidgeons in the Park"
>10. "I Want your Girlfriend to be my Girlfriend Too" by Reel Big Fish
>11. "Handsome Devil"
>12. "Everyone's Your Friend In New York City"
>13. "Stay out of Trouble"
>14. "Bohemian Like You"
>15. "Texting" by Bill Bailey
>16. "Landed" by Ben Folds
>17. "Werewolves of London"
>18. "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" by Rufus Wainwright
>19. "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)"
>20. "So Impossible" by Dashboard Confessional

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The very unclear theory of ascending inferiority complexes. (in the case of epic/long poetry)

Let us start with Virgil, he wants to be Homer, and has an inferiority complex because of this, which infuses his work. Homer has no inferiority complex, because he comes at The Beginning Of Literature.

Following Virgil comes quite a lot of time, in which numerous people want to be him. Including Boethius, who will be important later on. Then come
Bocaccio and Dante who want to be Virgil/ Homer.

They are followed by
Chaucer who wants to be Dante, Bocaccio and also Boethius. Then we have another gap(in which we can argue that the Pearl Poet wants to be St John The Divine But we can also argue that he doesn't)
After the gap comes Marlowe who wants to be Virgil. Again. And then Milton who moves back even further, and decides that he wants to be Homer. The next person to move on is Blake who wants to be Milton. And then we can go on...
The point of all this is that it is impossible to ever write anything now, as I am crippled with my inferiority to Blake, Milton, Marlowe, Boethius, Chaucer, the Pearl Poet, Virgil and others. This is a vicious circle. Not enough philosophical study has been devoted to it.

Yes, another one of these. I am a tad aggreived.

I'm Swiss, yodelodelodelay-hee-foo'
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Monday, November 07, 2005

No time for a proper entry, therefore to share with the word that I am apparently extremely cold and have a similar name to the end of the Trans Siberian Railway.

I am Vostok, Antarctica!
Which Extremity of the World Are You?
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